Friday, March 4, 2011

MegaMan Tribute

Well it turns out that i did make it into the Udon's Megaman tribute book after all:D I'm excited to see the finished book with all the other entries. I was also fortunate enough to have my 'making of ' this piece in the Magazine C.GArena (Vol. 6 issue2. If you want to check it out.)

The title for this one - 'After a hard day's work'. I wanted to add more ware and tare to the characters, more evidence that they just had been on a difficult mission and now they were going home. I'll prob go back and add that in the near future.


  1. Slammin stuff Markyzan, as always. I'm diggin the tight palette on this one and the wonderful stylisation of form. Keep at it Bro, gorgeous work ;)

  2. Hey sad clown face....

    Go read this:

    They just put it up.

  3. Jared- Hey Jared good to hear from ya buddy. I'm glad i did justice on one of your fav characters:D. Thanks for the compliments on this piece.

    Red J- ahhhh i see.. hehe oops

    Rlyons- Cheers Mr Lyons, always good to get props from the master:)

  4. sweet work Markito!

  5. piece is hot. IDK why it wouldn't get in! Reading comments now - maybe it IS in? :-)

    GL HF though, right? Good job. I haven't posted mine yet cause they asked not to post, but maybe it's ok?!?



  6. Simply wonderfull Mr. Hansen!