Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cowboy Blob

Cowboy blob was an entry for a drawing comp, subject - Unusual Cowboy- It was derived from a previous piece i did - the monster trio. I was looking at them and challenged myself to draw the same creatures but with much more interest. More character, more interesting anatomy and more movement. The intial story behind Cowboy blob..hes justa gun happy sheriff in some odd planet.

Monsters Trio

Monsters revisited.Here's a a piece i did that was inspired by seen some old drawings i did when i was about 10-12yrs. It crossed my mind how they would look if i was to draw them again knowing what i know now. It was originally meant to be a speedpaint /loose strokes piece but i ended up rendering them in more detail. I tried to show a different textures with all three of them. I wonder what kind of adventures Fuzzclaw, Pudgee and Dohgo wil get up to today? ...:/