Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Albatross and son

What started as a quick scribble ended up been this pic. The adavtange of drawing a bird from memory is that i didn't limit myself to what an actual albatross looks like. Im also experimenting wih hard lines from the lasso tool, as long as i don't over do it i think they look o.k. The colours then followed with a bit of photo ref. Then adjusting the hues and saturation to steer it towards that fun whimsical pixar-ish palatte. The story behind young hatchlling...dunno he's scared of heights or its his 1st day of flying:D


  1. hahaha Markito, that kicks ass!

    The facial expressions are gold!

  2. Hey, that's pretty awesome there compadre. Crisp, sharp lines, great expressions... my only quibble (if that's even a word) are the feathers on top of the lead birds head... maybe too stylized?